Financial Aid 2020-2021

Fei Tian's Financial Aid for Academic Year 2020-2021

The College offers need and merit-based institutional scholarships and aid to promising students.

Merit-based scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate leadership, outstanding artistic talent, and other merit indicators such as good moral standing.

Need-based aid is awarded on a competitive basis to students with demonstrated financial need, satisfactory academic and moral standing.

Applicants for the College's Institutional Scholarship and Financial Aid* must be currently enrolled or intending to apply as a full-time student. Part time or non-degree seeking students who wish to apply can contact Student Financial Services (SFS). 

Institutional Scholarships and Financial Aid are awarded on an annual basis, and do not renew automatically. Applicants must submit an application and supporting documents for each academic year to be considered.

Should a student discontinue a portion of that enrollment period, appropriate adjustments will be made to the student’s award in accordance with the refund and repayment policies of the College.


In the case a student's eligibility for financial aid and scholarships change, the SFS will make adjustments to the previous awarded amount. This may result in the immediate reversal of award, and may leave the student with an outstanding balance. Students must note that if your enrollment status changes between full-time and part-time, you will automatically forfeit all previously awarded aid and you may be required to reapply for financial aid and scholarship.

*The combined need and merit financial award package will typically not exceed 75% of tuition. Under extraordinary circumstances, additional awards may be considered by the President.

Types of Institutional Financial Aid  

The College, through the Office of Student Financial Services, awards, in whole or in part, the following types of institutional financial aid to qualified students.

2020-2021 Application form (Download the application form before filling it up): 

Return Application(s) to: or mail to Office of Student Financial Services, 14 Jason Pl, Room 4-23A, Middletown NY 10940

Current Year Awards for Incoming  2020-2021 


Hudson Valley Grant: 

Students who meet one of the following criteria—at the time they apply for the College—receives a $2,000 scholarship which is given to 20 selected incoming first-year students each Academic Year. It is automatically renewable each year:

  • Have been living in the Hudson Valley for more than six months

    • Proof family’s homeownership or tenant-ship such as utility bills or rent receipts are required

  • Or attends a secondary or post-secondary educational institution in the Hudson Valley region

    • Proof of enrollment such as verification letters or official transcripts are required


 Affiliated Schools Scholarship:

Students who are graduates of affiliated high schools at the time they apply for the College receives a $2,000 scholarship which is automatically renewable each academic year.

Proof of enrollment such as verification letters or official transcripts are required.

Interested students please check with the Office of Admissions for the current list of affiliated high schools. 



 Alumni Scholarship

The $1,000 Alumni Scholarship is awarded to Fei Tian College’s alumni who are seeking graduate study at the Middletown Campus for the first time. This Scholarship is not automatically renewable in subsequent years unless otherwise approved by the board with special conditions.

Need-Based Financial Aid 

Lotus Grant:​

This is a non-repayable grant for students who demonstrate financial hardship as defined by the Institutional Financial Aid Methodology.

The Lotus Grant can only be applied towards tuition. The grant amount is determined by the level of demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds.

Need-Based Academic Scholarship:

Freshman/Transfer students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA in order to retain their academic scholarship. Once enrolled into the College, the level of scholarship will not change if your cumulative GPA goes higher or lower. At the end of every semester, SFS monitors the posted grades of all scholarship recipients to ensure they have met their scholarship requirements.

Under the following situation, the scholarship will be suspended. 1) For Honor, Scholar 1, the students fail to maintain a 3.0 GPA; 2) Scholar 2, Scholar 3 and Excel 1, the students fail to maintain a 2.8 GPA; 3) For Excel 2 and Excel 3, the students fail to maintain a 2.5 GPA; 4) the student has demonstrated any prohibited conduct please refer to the Code of Student Conduct at

Once a student re-establishes the cumulative GPA for their level of academic scholarship, the student must email SFS for special consideration. As scholarships are dependent on the availability of funds, the re-awarding of the academic scholarship is only considered and not guaranteed.

The Academic Scholarship for transfer students is awarded to incoming transfer students who demonstrate a record of excellence in their academic performance. Assessment criteria of the student as a whole include their GPA, recommendation letters, and their personal statement.

Merit-Based Financial Aid

Leaders Scholarship

The College offers awards to outstanding undergraduate students with a demonstrated record of excellence in their chosen field combined with extracurricular achievements.


Selection is based on continued leadership engagement in out-of-classroom campus experience, including student publications, radio programs, student government, student clubs, and event marketing. Leadership Scholarship Awards are $5,000 each year which will be divided up between 3 to 4 selected recipients.


Recipients will be assessed competitively based on a letter of recommendation from their student activity Supervisor.

Advancement Program Award

The Award is only available for students who receive a recommendation from a Department or Program Chair based on special considerations related to College programs.


It may be subjected to certain restrictions, contact SFS for further information.

Dance Scholarship

The Dance Scholarship is an exclusive scholarship that is awarded to students of outstanding merit on behalf of the Dance Department Chair. This scholarship is normally granted to only 1 dance major student every academic year. The amount of the scholarship varies and is based on the recipient’s merit and degree of excellence.

Applicants for the scholarship are evaluated on their artistic achievement, which include but are not limited to awards from dance competitions, performance experience, and professional history.


All applicants must at minimum submit a letter of recommendation and resume. Transcript is required for first-time applicants. An optional essay is also recommended. Copies of awards and other proof of achievements are also highly encouraged.

Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to acknowledge outstanding contribution to the development of the College. The scholarship must be jointly sponsored by at least three of the following positions of the College: President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Provost, Academic Program Chair, or Departmental Director.

  Financial Aid Policy for 2019-2020 Cohort

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