Fine Arts and Design in Oil Painting

Undergraduate Program

The oil painting concentration adopts the classical painting techniques and traditions. It will provide interested students with a systematic approach to this invaluable artistic legacy of the West, incorporating the best features of the intensive Atelier training environment within a rigorous academic setting. 


Oil Painting is a long-standing form of artistic expression. Students in this concentration will follow the “Academic Art” training, study portrait techniques and skills, figure and landscape painting as well as classical drawing, and culminate in the composition of oil painting.

Career Paths

The overall job prospect for graduates majoring in Fine Arts and Design is steady. Students with a BFA in Fine Arts and Design have a wide variety of career options, including:


  • Fine artists 

  • Creative Director

  • Conservator 

  • Curator 

  • Art consulting  

  • Arts educators

How to Apply

In addition to the standard college admission criteria, successful applicants to the BFA in Fine Arts and Design are required to have adequate background in drawing, painting or related training. An applicant is required to submit a portfolio of his/her work during the application process.

Learn more about standard college admissions: take me to the admission application!


The BFA in Fine Arts and Design is a 120-semester credit curriculum with three major components: Major requirements (82 credits), core general education courses (32 credits), and free electives (6 credits)

Department of 

Fine Arts and Design in Oil Painting
Undergraduate Program

For Admissions:
For Academic Affairs:

Major Core Courses (38 Credits)

Concentration for Oil Painting (44 Credits)

General Education Core (32 credits)

All undergraduate students, regardless of major, are required to acquire certain essential knowledge and abilities by taking courses from the General Education Core. Students in the BFA in Fine Arts and Design program will achieve the “Natural Science”, “Arts & Aesthetics” and “Health & Wellness” requirements through their major courses. As a result, a remainder of 32 general education credits will be needed to meet the general education requirements.

Free Electives (6 credits)

Students are free to choose 6 credits from any college level courses offered by the College.

Graduation Requirement

The academic requirements for graduation are the successful completion of the curriculum with a grade point average of no less than 2.0. In addition, a graduate must have taken at least 50% of all courses from Fei Tian College.

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