Biomedical Science

Integrative Health Science Concentration

Undergraduate Program

The Integrative Health Science concentration offers courses in nutrition, kinesiology, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and other healing disciplines in addition to basic science courses related to biomedical science. Students will learn to examine each person as a unique biological entity in order to understand the underlying root causes of illness while striving for an optimum state of physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness.

Career Paths

Jobs directly after BioMed degree with an Integrative Health Science concentration may include:

  • Health promotion and health coaching

  • Bioinformatics

  • Health policy development

  • Public health

  • Kinesiology

  • Writer/editor for scientific and technical publications

  • Nutraceutical industry research/development/sales

  • Product development and testing

  • Medical manufacturing

  • Environmental scientist

After receiving the BS degree in BMS with an Integrative Health concentration, students may also pursue advanced degrees in:

  • Naturopathic, allopathic or osteopathic medicine

  • Chiropractic medicine

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture

  • Ayurvedic medicine

  • Herbal medicine

  • Homeopathy

  • Nutritional sciences

  • Master or doctorate level degree in any of the biomedical sciences

  • Nursing

How to Apply

Learn more about admissions: take me to the admission application!


The BS in Biomedical Science is a 125-semester credit curriculum with three major components: major requirements (75 credits, including 56 credits of the major core courses and 19 credits of the concentration courses), core general education courses (41 credits), and free electives (9 credits).

Department of 

Biomedical Science 
         General Science 

         Integrative Health Science

For Admissions:
For Academic Affairs:

Major Core Courses (56 credits)

  • Biology (14 credits)
  • Chemistry  (16 credits)
  • Human Body and Health Science (11 credits)
  • BMS Professionalism and Research (15 credits)
Major Courses for Concentration in Integrative Health Science (19 credits)

General Education Core (41 Credits)

The College requires that all undergraduate students, regardless of major, complete core general education courses in nine distributions. Students in the Biomedical Science program can meet the Nature Science distribution requirement through their major courses. As a result, the BMS program requires 41 general education credits from the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) program.

Free Electives (9 credits)

Students are free to choose 9 credits from the following Biomedical Science elective courses or any other college level courses offered by the College.

Elective Courses for Biomedical Science 
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