Arts Management in Fine Arts

Undergraduate Program

For Fine Arts concentration, students will study fundamental techniques in drawing and painting as well as related history and theory. Graduates from this concentration seek careers as practicing artists, art entrepreneurs, or in museums, galleries and so on.

Career Outlook

The overall job prospect for graduates majoring in Arts Management is steady. Students with a BFA in Arts Management concentrate in Fine Arts have a wide variety of career options, including:


  • Art Administrator

  • Art Consultant

  • Art Educator

  • Art Exhibit Coordinator

  • Art Show Coordinator

  • Artist Representative

  • Artistic Director

  • Gallery Owner

  • Media Relations

  • Production Manager

  • Business Manager

  • Company Manager

  • Marketing

  • Creative Director

  • Budget Director

  • Curator

  • Development Coordinator

  • Fundraiser

How to Apply

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The proposed curriculum for the BFA in Arts Management is a 120-semester credit program with three main components: major requirements (79 credits), general education core (32 credits), and free electives (9 credits).

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Arts management in Fine Arts
Undergraduate Program

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